Lily’s BPD Story

Lily’s BPD Story

Diagnosed with BPD, Lily shares her story and how she copes with her mental health.

Lily talks about her diagnosis with BD and her coping mechanisms including skating, art, being creative and learning new things!

‘So it’s been the wild ride now because I’m 24 and I think vou learn a lot when you get a bit older when I was about 18, 19. I found out I had BPD borderline personality disorder and knowing that something was going on kind of made it all that easier because you know, if you any teens who like you grow up, it’s fine. It’s all right. It’s difficult years, but for me, I kind of knew there was something else going on.

And it’s when the everydays that are getting overwhelming for me is that’s when I knew I needed to sort something out.’

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