Jackie’s Story

Jackie’s Story

Jackie talks about how cancer has affected her mental health. Jackie has grown and evolved by facing her demons fighting through breast cancer and experiencing the effects of the treatment on her thyroid and mental health.

‘My mental health deteriorated. Going back to several months ago due to the fact that I was diagnosed with breast cancer and it was really hard to comprehend that this was happening to me and for a while it took me a long time to process it and back in May 2022. I started chemotherapy in June of 2020 and the effects of the chemo were quite brutal my body started to ache all over I could barely put one 14 in front of the other. I went from being a really fit person who absolutely adored walking that was one of my passions to I could that was one of my passions to I could barely put one 14 front of the other. It was really frightening time and my mental health just deteriorated’

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