Ernie’s Poetry Story

Ernie’s Poetry Story

Charles Ernest (Ernie) uses poetry to express himself, having written over 100 poems in his time writing poems about the lakes, hikes, funny anecdotes, politics, deaths, births and more.

1 never heard of mental health till recently. It wasn’t something we ever spoke about. We just got on with everything. I was born at Lattish Cottage on the 12th of September 1942. It had Cottage Gardens on three sides where we grew veg flowers and salt some to make a few Pence every penny counted then, just after the war. Food was scarce. I remember I wanted to help my parents to provide I started in the police as soon as I could. And have seen some Horrors in my time from road accidents, to all sorts. I got back to being creative in later life. I grew into poetry even more then and wrote little poems about holidays. Wrote poems for birthday cards. It was an exciting area to explore.’

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