Manny’s Story

Manny’s Story

Emmanuel talks about moving from London to Barrow at the age of 16 and the impact it had on him. Though his Christianity, faith and involvement in the community helped his sense of self within his communit and found himself settling in quite well. Talking about discrimination hes experienced.

I’m Manny. I grew up in London in North London to a Nigerian family. So growing up. I had a mixture of Nigerian culture as well as British culture. I when I was 16, I made the Bold move to move from North London to north of England to a place far from home, but I did it for work purposes. And yeah, I’ve been here ever since so I was 16 years old when I moved so quite a young age for someone to move across the country. So I was quite excited because I was moving for work, as it’s a good company was moving to the area. But when I first got there sort of realized quite quickly how different the place I moved to was different to where I grew up.

I grew up was quite was very diverse. Different people and cultures and backgrounds especially in my class in school and my neighbourhood where I lived that was quite normal.’

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